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The Laona Area Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2017.  It exists to promote local businesses surrounding the Laona area, not only in Forest County but in Oconto County and other surrounding townships and counties as well.  Our mission is to help bolster and maintain the economic development of small businesses and community involvement within our local and surrounding communities.  We also work in partnership with the Lakewood Area Chamber of Commerce.  The Laona Area Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

  • Laona Area Chamber of Commerce Bylaws: View Here

  • Laona Area Chamber of Commerce Articles of Incorporation: View Here

Other Important Essentials:

Chamber Officers 2020
Winda Collins

Laona Area Chamber

Vice President


Winda is a longtime Laona resident who loves her community.  She brings to the table years of experience, having previously served on the boards of both the Forest County Chamber of Commerce and the Forest County Tourism Commission.  Winda is the editor of the Potawatomi Traveling Times, is co-owner of Collins Auto Repair, and is an avid painter within her business venture, Art by Winda.

Phillip J. Adamczyk

Laona Area Chamber

Secretary / Treasurer


Phil is the corporate secretary of the Laona Area Chamber of Commerce.  He is also the owner of Amoterra, a wellness center in Townsend, and Amoterra University of Restorative and Healing Arts, an in-progress university that will be located inside historic Maple Place Inc. (formerly the Connor Lumber and Land Company Store) in Laona.  Phil is an entrepreneur, preserver of history, and avid community activist; he strives to bring awareness, connectedness, wellness, and integrity to the local and surrounding communities.

Chamber Board of Directors 2020

Here are our additional members, forming the rest of our Board of Directors:

  • Kim Winkelman

  • Jonel Calhoun

  • Carla Connor

  • Cassandra Adams

  • Jennifer Connor

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